Resources for Brokers in Nevada

Nevada Broker resources

At Prominence Health Plan, our goal is to make our health plans easy to understand and our coverage easy to access. We are committed to helping both you and your employer clients get all you need from our health plans by providing tools and resources efficiently and conveniently. Below are links to a variety of downloadable materials that will help you manage your business and meet the healthcare management needs of your clients.

Broker forms >
Get access to a variety of forms and resources to help you and your clients get all you need from our health plans quickly, efficiently and conveniently.

Broker Appointment Resources >
Find information and items needed to complete a formal Broker Appointment with Prominence Health Plan.

Plan Designs >
Prominence Health Plan offers a variety of health plan choices that are available throughout Nevada. See what options are available in your area.

Provider Directories >
Our comprehensive provider network includes many notable and reputable physicians in the region. See which providers are in-network.

Prescription Drugs >
Get information on pharmacy benefits, including Specialty Pharmacy care and the Pharmacy by Mail program.

Wellness Resources >
Prominence Health Plan provides access to a variety of wellness programs that identify health risk factors, prevent disease and help make changes that lead to a healthier life.