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Important Notice about Individual and Family Health Plans

Please be advised that after careful consideration Prominence Health Plan will not offer any individual health plans within the Exchange Marketplace for 2018.

Existing 2017 Exchange plan members who continue to pay premiums and meet eligibility requirements will maintain their current coverage without interruption for the remainder of the 2017 calendar year. We will continue to serve all members impacted by this decision with the high levels of service and quality that they deserve, until their policies expire on December 31, 2017.

Current members must make a selection for 2018 coverage from participating health plans during the open enrollment period in order to maintain continuous health care coverage for the next calendar year.


Review your coverage options and pick a new plan. If you don’t have health coverage, you’ll have to pay for all of your health care.

You may also have to pay a penalty of $695 or more when you file your taxes.

  1. Update your Marketplace application by December 15, 2017. Review your Marketplace application to make sure the information is still current and correct, and to see if you may qualify for more or less financial help in 2018 than you’re getting now. This may result in a lower monthly premium payment or lower out-of-pocket costs. Plus, you can help avoid paying money back when you file your taxes.
  2. Choose a new plan. Visit to see other Marketplace plans. Consumers who shop can save hundreds of dollars per year and can find a plan that best meets their needs and budget.

Note: If you received financial help in 2017 to lower your monthly premium, you’ll have to “reconcile” when you file your federal taxes. This means you’ll compare the amount of premium tax credit you used in advance during 2017 with the amount you actually qualify for based on your final 2017 household income and eligibility information. If the numbers are different, you may get more or less tax refund, or you may owe.


To find out which health plans are available in your area:

For Nevada Members
Call the Nevada Department of Insurance at 888-872-3234 or visit

For Texas Members
Call the Texas Department of Insurance at 800-252-3439 or visit

Other Resources

  • Visit or call 800-318-2596 to learn more about the Marketplace and to see if you qualify for lower costs.
  • Find in-person help from an assister, agent, or broker in your community at
  • Call 800-318-2596 to request a reasonable accommodation at no cost to you if you have a disability.


If you speak a language other than English, free language assistance services are available to you at no charge. Call 800-863-7515 (TTY/TDD: 711).

2017 Individual & Family Plan Evidence of Coverage (EOC)

2017 Evidence of Coverage – Nevada members (PDF) >
2017 Evidence of Coverage – Consumer Choice Texas members (PDF) >
2017 Evidence of Coverage – State Mandated Texas members (PDF) >